2019 Sports Technology Awards Startups Winners


We are delighted to announce today the winners of the 2019 Sports Technology Awards Startups, in conjunction with our presenting partner Sportradar.

After facing fierce scrutiny from our 20-strong panel of international industry-leading judges, six winners have emerged victorious:

  • Best New Concept – Danu Analytics: a Smart Injury and Performance Analysis System
  • Best Seed Funded Business – Guided Knowledge: the Next Generation of Wearables
  • Best Crowdfunded – Incentive Games
  • Deal of the Year – Vald Performance Acquisition of ForceDecks
  • Series A Funded Business – Adrenaline Hunter
  • Series B Funded Business  – LiveLike

The aim of the awards is to highlight the successes of technological advances in sport by young companies, consolidate third-party endorsement, and give winners a commercial edge.

A Word from Our Partner

Adam Azor, Sportradar’s Director of Product Marketing said ‘The partnership between the Sports Technology Startups and Sportradar is one that is extremely important to us; innovation and startups go hand in hand and Sportradar has built its business on the foundation of innovation. We believe startups and their evolution are the future of our industry, so we are committed to staying closely aligned to them.’

What the Winners Do

Best New Concept – Danu Analytics: a Smart Injury and Performance Analysis System

Danu Analytics is an innovative Irish start-up company providing gait analysis system for injury and performance management in the sports industry.

Sports institutes are investing heavily in ways to reduce injury occurrence and improve rehabilitation speeds. Gait Analysis is the study of human motion to identify biomechanical inefficiencies and help identify running/walking related problems that may result in injury. It is also an essential biomechanical tool towards improving an individual’s efficiency of movement in order to help maximize their physical performance in sports and other activities.  Despite this, traditional methods of gait analysis rely on static, expensive equipment restricted to unnatural lab-based environments only.

Danu Analytics is working with elite sports professionals and medical experts to develop a wearable system that removes the restrictions of traditional lab-based gait analysis. Its product empowers coaches, athletes and clients with the unrestricted analysis to reduce injury occurrence, reduce rehabilitation times and maximize athletic ability.

Best Seed Funded Business – Guided Knowledge

Guided Knowledge (GK) is pioneering the next generation of wearables that offer bespoke, digital coaching in real-time. GK has developed wearable technologies that observe and assess a user’s performance in 3D, then delivers custom expert advice in real-time via a mobile app. These technologies create a digital dialogue which is designed to help professional athletes gain a competitive advantage, and consumer athletes maximise their performance potential.

GK’s first commercial products target the golfing market; GK Golf Elite delivers customised performance analytics catering to the professional golfer/coach and amateur university teams, whilst GK Golf is designed for consumer golfers.

GK’s proven, patent-pending technologies are extremely versatile and scalable. Beyond golf, the technologies can be applied to a broad spectrum of sports such as tennis, baseball, cricket, cycling, rowing, running and football.

Best Crowdfunded – Incentive Games

Incentive Games started as a B2C company, focused on delivering value to the i-gaming industry, when it was known as Premier Punt Group. Its Fantasy Football app engaged users with innovative, high quality and free-to-play games, before seamlessly upselling clients’ services and products in the form of pre-populated betting slips, specifically tailored to the users based on their in-game choices.

In 2018, as newly rebranded ‘Incentive Games’, the company started operating in B2B gamification across all industries, with the capacity to aid any businesses which can engage their userbase with games.

Incentive Games is the only company in the world to offer gaming solutions which simultaneously

  • Vastly reduce the cost of customer acquisition (based on Premier Punts proven methodology)
  • Increase customer retention and
  • Enhance customer monetisation.

All games are free to play and are based around real life/live events. Incentive Games can invigorate stale userbases, directionally drive traffic, and further monetise their clients’ users through a range of diverse, innovative and fun gaming solutions.

Deal of the Year – Vald Performance Acquisition of ForceDecks

Vald Performance’s products deliver right information to health and performance professionals, enabling them to make timely decisions. This proposition has allowed Vald Performance to work with over 400 elite sporting teams from every major sport worldwide.

In 2018 Vald Performance acquired UK-based NMP Technologies, makers of ForceDecks. Vald Performance and ForceDecks share many performance and sporting clients but, more importantly, they share the vision to provide accurate data and measurement in the field. Vald Performance felt that Force plate technology was an important pillar to add to their technology stack of precise, field-based measurement tools.

Series A Funded Businesses – Adrenaline Hunter

Adrenaline Hunter is the first booking platform for extreme sports and adventure travel worldwide. Adrenaline Hunter’s aim is to provide adrenaline seekers with the best lessons, courses, camps and experiences across air, snow, land, water, urban and crazy.

The company’s value proposition is its simplicity of use, its diversity and depth of the catalogue of activities, and the specific extreme sports-dependent features; combined these allow users to save time, find a wide range of activities through the best spots on earth, check availability and send a booking request in a few short clicks.

Series B Funded Businesses – LiveLike

LiveLike strives to bring the full experience of being at a live sporting event to the comfort of the sofa. LiveLike’s VR offering has partnered with nearly a dozen respected and innovative companies like Fox, Roland Garros, and BBC. With these partners, Livelike has produced both America’s and the world’s most watched sporting events (Super Bowl LI and the 2018 FIFA World Cup), along with many others.

LiveLike is following a breakthrough year in VR with an ambitious expansion into the mobile video space. By leveraging the expertise VR has lent in social viewing and fan engagement, LiveLike is able to give broadcasters yet another cutting-edge pathway to reach Gen-Z and Millennials. LiveLike Mobile and Content Management Suite (CMS) provides broadcasters and media teams with the ability to use existing video streams to curate the social interactions that are currently taking place on third party social media.

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