Sports Broadcast category: Sports Technology Awards 2020

Most Innovative Sports Broadcast or Broadcast Technology

This celebrates technology used or created for sports radio, tv or digital broadcast. Submissions can be for a single programme, series or tournament.  


Judges will review entries on the following criteria

  • What is the market for this technology
  • What need does the entry meet and how does it do so effectively
  • To what degree is the technology unique and innovative or, where there is competing technology, how is the entry’s technology superior (e.g. easier to use, more accessible, more rigorous etc.)
  • How robust is the technology as a business proposition (e.g. how scalable is the tech, what is its potential for growth and to what degree can it disrupt the existing market)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data supporting the entry (e.g. stats and third-party endorsements)

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Multiple Entries can be used to give entrants a higher chance of winning or being shortlisted. If you have any questions regarding which category(ies) is best suited to your technology, please call our commercial team on +44 (020) 3150-2080

To explore the winning technology from last year see our   2019 Sports Technology Awards winners.


If you are interested in entering the ‘Most Innovative Sports Broadcast or Broadcast Technology’ category here’s some more information on why it has been included in this year’s Sports Technology Awards.

Since the 1970s, broadcast’s influence on sports has increased to the unprecedented levels we see today. Thanks to broadcasters and production houses, and the technology companies which support them, sport has opened up to numbers of fans and broadcast methods unthinkable just 30 years ago.

The primary remit of broadcasters and those who supply them is to communicate sporting action in ways that are as accessible and heroic as possible. The money associated with this is huge and, as such, the influence of broadcast is evident everywhere in sport, through scheduling, stadia infrastructure, sponsorship and marketing, the tools now given to match officials…whilst not quite endless, the list is certainly long.

As an industry, sports broadcasters strive to push boundaries, which results in their seemingly endless delivery of hugely impressive and exciting innovations.

‘Most Innovative Sports Broadcast or Broadcast Technology’ is an established category and our judges tell us that they really enjoy seeing innovative sports technology developments amongst the entries.

As one of the most influential forces in the sports industry, the caliber of entries is set to be ever-more impressive. But who is leading the charge? All will be revealed at the Sports Technology Awards ceremony in 2020.

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