Scaleup of the Year category: The 2020 STA Startups

This award celebrates scaleup companies. To qualify you must be delivering consistent revenue growth (i.e. your annual revenues exceed £2,000,000 / US$2,500,000). 


The judges will award marks based on their assessment of  

  • The entry’s business proposition / service 
  • What IP is owned (where relevant) and is in development 
  • The market need being met  
  • The entry’s commercial objectives and how its track record has shaped these 
  • How any funding to date has been used and how this has benefited the company 
  • The entry’s company growth plans relative to the market, and evidence supporting claims of success 


If you have any questions about the Awards’ process or how entering can benefit your business, please contact our commercial team. 


To learn more about this category, download the category form here