Elite Sports Facility or Venue category: Sports Technology Awards 2020

Most Innovative Elite Sports Facility or Venue

This celebrates the facility, stadium or arena (temporary or permanent) that is demonstrably innovative in its approach to coaching, performance, clinical activity, rehab or presentation/housing of elite sports. Entries are invited from centers/facilities belonging to international and national governing bodies and federations, individual athletes, private clinics, education establishments, clubs, teams or franchises.


Judges will review entries on the following criteria

  • How innovative is the facility in the services it offers stakeholders pertinent to this entry (e.g. athletes, teams, fans, sponsors, broadcasters etc.)
  • What makes this facility superior to its competition
  • How effective is the facility in its work with target stakeholders (e.g. athletes, coaches, managers, governing bodies, sponsors, the media etc.)
  • What technology does the facility use, how does it use it, and how does it have a measurable impact
  • Quantitative and qualitative data supporting the entry (e.g. stats and third-party endorsements)

Download the category form here


Multiple Entries can be used to give entrants a higher chance of winning or being shortlisted. If you have any questions regarding which category(ies) is best suited to your technology, please call our commercial team on +44 (020) 3150-2080

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