Use of Esports by a Sports Brand category: Sports Technology Awards 2020

Use of Esports by a Sports Brand

This celebrates the innovative use of esports by ‘traditional’ sports brands, including but not limited to teams, athletes, governing bodies, rights holders, broadcasters etc.


Judges will review entries on the following criteria

  • What was the strategy behind this entry
  • What direct impact did this initiative/activity have
  • What was the desired outcome of the initiative and to what degree was it successful
  • Quantitative and qualitative data supporting the entry (e.g. stats and third-party endorsements)

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Multiple Entries can be used to give entrants a higher chance of winning or being shortlisted. If you have any questions regarding which category(ies) is best suited to your technology, please call our commercial team on +44 (020) 3150-2080

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If you are interested in entering the ‘Use of Esports by a Sports Brand’ category here’s some more information on why it has been included in this year’s Sports Technology Awards.

As the sports sector’s appreciation of the power of esports and its technologies, has grown, fascinating partnerships have evolved involving ‘traditional sports’ and esports players, teams, leagues and tech.

Many sports organizations have taken the plunge into esports, most notably F1, football, basketball but many more brands join them daily.

There are two key facets to the attraction to esports by traditional sports – revenue and market cut-through. As the sports sector’s awareness of combating any dangers of an aging fan base, esports and its gamers provide huge potential to speak to a younger demographic.

In regards to revenue, with the global esports economy reaching billions, traditional sports brands can explore the opportunities presented in this space spanning esports technology, betting, OTT, merchandise and brand partnerships.

With the continuing battle to win the hearts and minds of young fans from all walks of life, sports which embrace esports are turning out to be mining a rich, exciting and increasingly relevant target market.

‘Use of Esports by a Sports Brand’ is a new category but our judges will relish the chance to see innovative sports technology developments happening in this sector

As esports develop as an integral part of the traditional sports landscape, we look forward to showcasing the innovative ways sports brands are embracing this important new facet of sports at the Sports Technology Awards ceremony in 2020.

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