Extreme Sports Technology category: Sports Technology Awards 2020

Best Technology for Extreme Sports

This celebrates the use of innovative technology in extreme sports spanning equipment, apparel, wearables, training hardware and image capture (POV cameras and drones). Please note: entries in this category may not be entered into the Equipment or Wearable Technology category


Judges will review entries on the following criteria

  • What is the market for this technology
  • What need does the entry meet and how does it do so effectively
  • To what degree is the technology unique and innovative or, where there is competing technology, how is the entry’s technology superior (e.g. easier to use, more accessible, more rigorous etc.)
  • How robust is the technology as a business proposition (e.g. how scalable is the tech, what is its potential for growth and to what degree can it disrupt the existing market)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data supporting the entry (e.g. stats and third-party endorsements)

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Multiple Entries can be used to give entrants a higher chance of winning or being shortlisted. If you have any questions regarding which category(ies) is best suited to your technology, please call our commercial team on +44 (020) 3150-2080

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If you are interested in entering the ‘Best Technology for Extreme Sports’ category here’s some more information on why it has been included in this year’s Sports Technology Awards.

The world of extreme sports has been developing at an exciting pace and it is exciting to see how technology in extreme sports has kept pace with the demands placed upon it.

The reach of extreme sports is wide but with the core disciplines of BMX, inline skating, motocross, mountain biking, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing, the demand for technology in each sport is evident.

The metrics by which athletes are judged differ from mainstream sports insofar as things like artistic interpretation, vertical drop and sheer survival are central to success. However, extreme sports, as much as any other, rely on understanding athlete fitness, movement, preparation and the best kit available. The need – and desire – amongst athletes for tech innovation is huge and it can be said, without exaggeration, that innovation in extreme sports can be genuinely life-saving

‘Best Technology for Extreme Sports’ is a new category, but our judges will relish the chance to see innovative sports technology developments happening in this sector.

Extreme sports are naturally impressive and we know that the technology shortlisted in this category will be too. Find out which really is the best at the Sports Technology Awards ceremony in 2020.

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