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STA Awards

Now recognized as an international mark of excellence, the Sports Technology Awards is a unique celebration of technology-led innovation across sport globally.
Founded in 2014, the Awards now in the 7th cycle were the world’s first celebration of the influential technology in the sports sector.
Taking place next year on June 25th 2020, the Awards attract exceptional brands, guests and presenters.


The Awards Attract Entries From...

5 Continents,

30 Countries,

50 Sports


Select a category to find out more.

The Sports Technology Awards are open unless otherwise stated, to organizations working in any market(s), country(ies) or sport(s). Unless otherwise stated, concepts are ineligible for entry.


Agency of the Year - This celebrates the agency which, thanks to the adoption, use or creation of technology, has shown itself to tangibly achieve and / or deliver better work or solutions for the clients it serves, as well as how the agency has developed as a business entity in its own right.


Most Innovative Sports App - This celebrates innovative apps in the sports sector which markedly improve the end-user experience in the market(s) being targeted.

Digital Technology

Best Digital Technology - This celebrates technology, spanning electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data, including but not limited to broadcast, social media, online games, multimedia and mobile devices, that improves the end-user experience, informs or educates its target market better, or informs organizational growth.

Education Institution

Education Institution of the Year - This celebrates the education institution which has shown itself – via a module/pathway or entire course - to deliver an outstanding education in the discipline of sports technology.

Elite Performance

Best Technology for Elite Performance - This celebrates technology which enables elite athletes or their managers and coaches to be more effective in improving performance.

Elite Sports Facility or Venue

Most Innovative Elite Sports Facility or Venue - This celebrates the facility, stadium or arena (temporary or permanent) that is demonstrably innovative in its approach to coaching, performance, clinical activity, rehab or presentation/housing of elite sports.

Extreme Sports Technology

Best Technology for Extreme Sports - This celebrates the use of innovative technology in extreme sports spanning equipment, apparel, wearables, training hardware and image capture (POV cameras and drones).

Fan Engagement

Best Technology for Fan Engagement - This celebrates technology which enables better engagement between fans and sports entities of all types.

Injury Prevention

Best Technology for Injury Prevention or Rehabilitation - This celebrates technology which prevents injury or aids rehabilitation for athletes of all levels.


Best Innovation of the Year - This celebrates the best technological innovation in sports created over the past 18 months (the innovation must have been tangibly available no earlier than June 2018).

Innovative Sports Brand

Most Innovative Sports Brand - This celebrates the standout sports brand which has proved itself through the creation or adoption of technology, to be the most innovative in the sector.


Best Technology for Participation - This celebrates technology which has a measurable impact on promoting, improving or increasing participation in sports and/or fitness at any level.

Rights Holder / Governing Body

Rights Holder, Governing Body or Team of the Year - This celebrates the rights holder, governing body, international federation or team which, thanks to the adoption, use or creation of technology, has shown itself to tangibly improve its work.

Sports Betting

Best Technology for Sports Betting - This celebrates technology created for or by sports betting businesses which tangibly improves the end-user experience and/or enables the betting company to achieve growth, undertake its work more quickly, innovatively or cost-effectively.

Sports Broadcast

Most Innovative Sports Broadcast or Broadcast Technology - This celebrates technology used or created for sports radio, tv or digital broadcast.

Sports Commerce

Best Technology for Sports Commerce - This celebrates technology servicing commercial performance in any organization working in sports.

Sports Equipment or Wearable

Best Sports Equipment or Wearable Technology - This celebrates innovative sports equipment spanning apparel, wearables and training hardware which enables more effective performance in a single, or multiple sports.

Sports Partnership

Most Innovative Sports Partnership - This celebrates technology-led work in sports, involving two or more entities, where solutions have been created for tangible and relevant challenges and opportunities.

Sustainable Innovation in Sports

Best Sustainable Innovation in Sports - This celebrates products or services in sports which have been created using sustainable and innovative technology or solutions that serve sustainability within work executed by sports organizations.

Use of Esports by a Sports Brand

Use of Esports by a Sports Brand - This celebrates the innovative use of esports by ‘traditional’ sports brands, including but not limited to teams, athletes, governing bodies, rights holders, broadcasters etc.

Women’s Sport Performance

Best Technology for Women’s Sport Performance - This celebrates technology which enables female athletes or their managers and coaches to be more effective in improving performance.

Our Judges

So, who are ‘The Ones’ bossing it in 2020…

The Awards are serious about honest, authentic and authoritative scrutiny and this is reflected both by the outstanding profile of our judging panel and the process by which entries are judged.

All judging is completed online, independently of and without reference to any other scorer; each judge marks every element of the entry form, then submits a total score for each shortlisted entry. In the case of a tie, at least one other judge is asked to evaluate these in the same way to determine the winner.

Donna Fraser Image

Donna Fraser, OLY 4x Team GB Olympian, Equality, Diversity and Engagement Lead, UK Athletics

Pete Samara

Pete Samara Director of Innovation and Digital Technology, Formula 1

Amy Williams Image

Amy Williams, MBE, OLY Olympic Gold Medallist: Skeleton, 2010 Vancouver

Dai Green Image

Dai Greene, OLY World, Euro and Commonwealth Gold Medallist: 400M Hurdles, 2011 Daegu, 2011 Barcelona, 2010 Delhi

Paolo Menaspa Image

Paolo Menaspà, PhD  Head of Performance Solutions, Cycling Australia

Shona McCallin MBE, OLY Image

Shona McCallin, MBE, OLY Olympic Gold Medallist: Hockey, 2016 Rio

Bryan Habana Image

Bryan Habana 2007 Rugby World Cup Winner, Chief Relationship Officer, Retroactive Agency

Hannah Mills Image

Hannah Mills, OLY Olympic Gold Medallist: Sailing, 2016 Rio

Your success at the awards carries so much clout

More than a Great Trophy

Winning is wonderful but being shortlisted is equally valuable. Organizations of all types report repeatedly that The Sports Technology Awards has delivered tangible business returns for them, from improved sales and customer opportunities to investor conversations and better staff morale.

Strong Competition

The scale and scope of organizations entering the Awards is staggering and represent the work of many of the sector’s greatest visionaries. To cut through this competition and reach the shortlist is itself a real achievement and makes your business stand out.

The Judging is Fair, Transparent, Rigorous and Expert

Our judges are unquestionably some of the most informed people in the sector and the judging process means that all their points of view are accounted for fairly. They are totally unbiased in their voting and are committed to working to seeing excellence – not a brand’s size or budget - win.

Size Doesn't Matter

We ensure organizations of all sizes enjoy fair representation and opportunities at the Awards and are proud that the Sports Technology Awards is one of the few industry events where a bootstrap start-up can achieve victory over an established, international sports brand. Ultimately excellence, not organization size, claims the trophy.

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Why You Should Enter

Here are just three of the many reasons you should enter the world’s leading celebration of tech-led innovation in sports

Our Judges

Our judges want to know what organizations like yours are doing; they only review entries relevant to their expertise, consequently, they are potential buyers of, or investors in your business. Make sure they see your work.

Benchmark of Success

It isn’t just winners who report Awards’ success converting into tangible business returns, shortlisted companies reap benefits too. So, if your company would like reduced sales cycles, quicker inbound investment, improved staffing and elevated client discussions’, having Sports Technology Awards’ success associated with your brand is a passport to better business.


You receive brand exposure through The Tech Hub video portal, profile via the Awards digital channels, and ad hoc PR opportunities. The network reach offered to entries via the combined Group and media partner channels exceeds 1bn globally – that’s indisputably great ROI.

Our 2019 Winners

Sports Technology Awards winning brands come from around the world and are united by their exceptional vision and execution.
Explore the technologies behind each winning entry from 2019 here!

Our Testimonials

I have been really blown away by the level of entrants. What’s great is when you see the big companies as well as the small emerging ones. Every entry is a winner in its own right.

Martin Corry MBE Rugby World Champion

The Sports Technology Awards has benefited Two Circles in many ways. The third-party endorsement has become very valuable to provide confidence to all of our stakeholders. The ceremony is very enjoyable and also a great networking opportunity. I would thoroughly recommend these awards to other businesses in the sector.

Matt Rogan Chairman, Two Circles

I learnt a lot from the Awards, sports tech is a rapidly changing space and professionally, if you want to keep competing you need to keep pace.

Marlon Devonish Olympic Champion and Speed Consultant
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