App category: Sports Technology Awards 2021

This celebrates innovative apps in the sports sector which markedly improve the end-user experience in the market(s) being targeted. 


Judges will review entries on the following criteria

  • What is the market for this technology
  • What need does the entry meet and how does it do so effectively
  • To what degree is the technology unique and innovative or, where there is competing technology, how is the entry’s technology superior (e.g. easier to use, more accessible, more rigorous etc.)
  • Does the technology make sound commercial sense (e.g. how scalable is the tech, what is its potential for growth and to what degree can it disrupt the existing market etc.)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data supporting the entry (e.g. stats and third-party endorsements)



If you are interested in entering the App category here’s some more information on why it has been included in this year’s Sports Technology Awards.

Apps are an inherent aspect of daily life and a key part of the sports industry. Each year, the Sports Technology Awards judges are treated to swathes of inventiveness, with these apps covering every aspect of sports imaginable.

The App category is one of the few Sports Technology Awards categories that is market-agnostic. By this we mean that it covers the sports mass market, not just the elite end of the sports spectrum.

The apps which the Sports Technology Awards judges have deemed most successful are the ones that have identified a specific challenge in sports and have provided an effective solution. These apps have covered sports teams, players and athletes, community programmes, apps for big-name sports sponsors and sports federations around major sporting events. The list is almost limitless, but the entries are always exciting.

Entries to this category can include all innovative apps (on mobile and desktop) in the sports sector which markedly improve the end-user experience in the market(s) being targeted.

App is an established category with an outstanding history of innovation, so our judges are looking forward to being impressed again this year. Here’s your chance to let your work shine.

The work which makes the shortlist is invariably world-class and visionary, so we are excited to be showcasing this at the Sports Technology Awards ceremony. This will take place on 6th May, 2021, at The Londoner Hotel, on London’s iconic Leicester Square.


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