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LiveU for LU800 Multi-Cam
LiveU’s IP bonding LU800 multi-cam production-level field unit allows for premium-quality live video production by combining bandwidth from multiple cellular and other IP networks, thus democratizing live sports and news coverage. The unit, which supports up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution, is designed for dynamic sports coverage, allowing for complex remote productions (REMI) across multiple sports. LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) is the power behind all LiveU devices and software, used extensively for video transmission, contribution and backhaul, as well as worldwide video distribution over the public internet. By enabling the coverage of sports that were previously impossible to cover, LiveU’s technology allows for monetization possibilities through sponsorship activation. The LU800 product series accommodates any customer need or production scenario with the multi- and single-camera variants, providing unparalleled quality of service and resiliency with the lowest latency.
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