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Data Collection, Integration and Analysis

College Sports

Genius Sports for Powering College Data
Genius Sports partnered with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to create a centralized data system for college sports. This system, called NCAA LiveStats, collects, manages, and distributes live game statistics, creating a new rights category of official data. NCAA LiveStats has already scored over 150,000 games across football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and ice hockey. It is used to engage fans and improve performance levels by capturing rich positional data for the first time in college sports. Genius Sports combined official game data from NCAA LiveStats with its Second Spectrum tracking technology and real-time broadcast augmentation capabilities to provide more informative and immersive broadcasts for Turner and ESPN during March Madness. NCAA LiveStats has created an official source of truth for college sports, powering enhanced broadcasts on March Madness, as well as brand, coaching, and fan engagement tools. It has democratized access to previously unavailable statistics, such as positional data, shot charts, and box scores, across men’s and women’s sports, no matter the level. NCAA LiveStats has transformed the value of live sports data across college sports, powering entire college sports ecosystem from teams, brands, broadcasters, coaching, and analysis tools.
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