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FORM for Smart Swim Goggles
FORM is a company that provides a powerful swimming platform that includes augmented reality goggles and an app that provides real-time metrics, coach-designed workouts, and training plans to swimmers. The company aims to revolutionize the sport of swimming by introducing new ways that technology can elevate underwater training and athletic performance. FORM’s proprietary AI/ML technology, industry-leading waveguide display built into the goggles lens, and the clean and simple UI/UX on both the FORM app and goggles, create a seamless and immersive swim experience. The target market for FORM is over 240 million active pool swimmers and <4 million active triathletes. Prior to the introduction of FORM Smart Swim Goggles, swimmers did not have access to real-time improvement instruction, lacked structure required to improve fitness or performance, swimming could be lonely, and existing technology was limited and worn on the wrist, requiring swimmers to stop to view it. FORM’s technology advantage over potential competitors includes patented AI/ML technology, industry-leading waveguide display built right into the goggle lens, and a world-class goggle design. FORM has partnerships with key triathlon organizations and sponsored athletes.
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