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Hawk-Eye Innovations for Semi-Automatic Offside Technology
Hawk-Eye Innovations has developed Semi-Automatic Offside Technology (SAOT), a system designed to enhance the football/soccer experience by helping officials make more accurate, objective, and faster offside decisions. The system is the world’s first optical tracking system that detects the exact position of the ball and individual players in real-time, using 12 dedicated tracking cameras in the stadium to track the ball’s position and up to 29 skeletal points of each player. Using AI techniques, the system automatically assigns each team and player, tracks the body points to millimetre accuracy in a 3D space, and determines the relative position of the players to identify offside positions. The officials in the operations room check the decision made by the system and inform the on-pitch referee of the final offside decision. The system creates a virtual replay of the incident, which is made available to broadcasters, commentary teams, and big screens in venue for the fans’ clarity.
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