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Formula E and Yonder Consulting For FE World Championship
Yonder Consulting and Formula E have collaborated to develop an innovative and impactful way to measure the in-the-moment audience engagement with biometrics. Formula E is the world’s motorsport championship for single-seater electric vehicles and is now in its ninth season. To measure the audience engagement, Yonder created an in-home biometrics solution that includes a research-grade biometric sensor to measure second-by-second emotional activation through galvanic skin response (GSR) and an attitudinal survey to capture rational responses. The biometric data was reinforced by rational data to provide in-depth insight into what drives engagement and what works well in the Formula E broadcast. The insights have informed changes that helped to grow the sport’s viewership and to deliver value to broadcasters who can boost viewer numbers and charge more for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. The innovative biometric solution has revolutionized Formula E’s understanding of viewer engagement and has allowed them to track the audience’s engagement in their homes, providing real-time emotional engagement data.
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