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Use Of Technology By A Broadcaster

LA Clippers for ClipperVision
ClipperVision is a new direct-to-consumer streaming platform for NBA team. LA Clippers. Launched in October 2022, with six different live stream options, it features in-game commentary from some of Clipper Nation’s most well-known personalities. It’s available to fans in the L.A. DMA, as well as out-of-market and internationally via NBA League Pass. Clippers is changing the way fans watch sports by providing six live stream, full-length game options straight to fans, without a cable subscription. The Clippers have combined the dynamic live streams of ClipperVision with other broadcast offerings, games on linear TV, and free-to-air TV on KTLA, giving Clippers fans of all ages and viewing habits convenient, easy ways to watch games. ClipperVision’s Spanish and Korean-language streams allow connecting with more Clippers fans in L.A., and around the world.
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