The Sports Technology Power List 2023 Revealed

London, 24th January 2024 – The Sports Technology Power List 2023 has been unveiled, showcasing the most influential and innovative brands in the global sports technology landscape. Red Bull Racing, a trailblazer in the industry, has emerged as the undisputed leader, securing the top position on the prestigious list for the first time.

Compiled annually by The STA Group, The Sports Technology Power List recognizes and celebrates the contributions of 100 brands from around the world, encompassing all major facets of sports business and elite performance. The fourth edition of the list is the result of meticulous evaluation, drawing insights from three key sources: entries to The Sports Technology Awards, an open industry vote, and input from a select committee of industry experts.

The National Basketball Assoc.(NBA), the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the National Football League (NFL0 also earned coveted positions within the top 10 of The Power List, underscoring their significant impact on the sports technology landscape. The list reveals the global reach and diversity of the brands, as they contribute to shaping the future of sports through technological advancements.

The announcement of The Power List has become a red-letter day in the sports calendar, attracting global attention. Rebecca Hopkins, CEO of The STA Group, emphasized the significance of the list, stating, “Based on the extraordinary number of global downloads on the day The Power List is published highlights its importance in the sports industry.”

“All parties involved curating this list are deeply invested in its fairness and accuracy; it has to reflect influential brands, which produce tech-forward work and have a visionary mindset. This year has witnessed some surprising leaps and drops; while not everyone will agree with each position, no one can contest that the sports tech landscape is highly dynamic and evolving fast.”

Red Bull Racing’s achievement as the top-ranking brand underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports technology and setting new standards for innovation. The Sports Technology Power List serves as a benchmark for excellence in the industry, and this recognition reaffirms the brand’s dedication to advancing the field and making a lasting impact on the world of sports.

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