The STA Group launches ‘TECH CHAIRS’ a new sports podcast all about sports tech

Tech Chairs is a new sports podcast, brought to you by broadcaster, John Inverdale and STA Group CEO, Rebecca Hopkins.

Each week, John and Rebecca are given insider insights by tech experts, sports entrepreneurs, elite coaches, industry leaders and champion athletes, including Ben Ainslie, Paul Hawkins and Chris Boardman.

If you’ve ever wanted to know why the handlebars of bikes got so small, how Hawk-Eye was invented, which football team had the first club TV channel or why Ali, Jordan, Messi or Ronaldo might not be sports biggest GOATs …tune into Tech Chairs.

  • Episode One: How Tech Snuck Up on Sport (Part One) with Andy Harland (Loughborough university), Naomi Stenhouse (The English Institute of Sport) and Andy Miah (Salford University)  AVAILABLE NOW
  • Episode Two: How Tech Snuck Up on Sport (Part Two) with Andy Harland (Loughborough university), Naomi Stenhouse (The English Institute of Sport), Andy Miah (Salford University) and Ben Langdown (The Open University) AVAILABLE NOW
  • Episode Three: How Hawk-Eye Happened with Paul Hawkins (Inventor of Hawk-Eye) AVAILABLE NOW
  • Episode Four: Athlete Genetic Mapping, with Andrew Steele (Olympic Sprinter and DNAfit Founder) Drops 4th April
  • Episode Five: From the Track to the High Street: How Sports Apparel Is Big Business with Phelan Hill (Olympic Rower and Nielsen Sports) and Sandra Halliday ( Drops 11th April
  • Episode Six: Sports Broadcast – When Did One Screen Stop Being Enough?  With Paul Davies (AELTC) and Dave Roberts (Founder Boro’ TV) Drops 18th April
  • Episode Seven: F1 –Driving to Survive The Technology? With Simon Taylor (Motorsport Broadcaster) Drops 25th April
  • Episode Eight: When Did Sailing Become F1 On Sea? With Sir Ben Ainslie Drops 2nd May
  • Episode Nine: So Why Are Your Bikes’ Handlebars 42”? With Chris Boardman Drops 9th May
  • Episode Ten: The Top 20 Sports Tech GOATs – as nominated by you! Drops 16th May
  • Episode Eleven: The Sports Technology Awards Special – Winners Interviews from The Big Apple Drops 23rd May

From the evolution of trainers to how DNA impacts your injuries, Tech Chairs is a must listen for sports fans, sports executives and the ‘sports tech curious’.



Sports tech GOAT which technology made the biggest impact in sports

Technology has been a factor in sport for centuries, but where has it made the biggest impact?

We’ve asked all the experts we’ve welcomed onto Tech Chairs – with some very surprising answers – prompting us to ask the question ‘But is it a GOAT?’


We don’t just want to hear from our guests – we want to hear from you, too.

In the 10th episode of Tech Chairs (link) we’ll be counting down the top 20 sport tech GOATs of all time and you can nominate your GOAT (LINK).

Here are some ideas to get you started (link to the winner’s pages of The STAs)

If we like what we hear, you’ll be name checked on the show!