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The Sports Technology
Annual Review
Executive Summary

Team Wizard or Team Prophet?

Team Wizard or Team Prophet?

As the sports technology market grows in influence and maturity, the terms that bounce around more established tech sectors become relevant. One, in particular, is that of “prophets” and “wizards”.

“Wizards” refer to experts thoroughly versed in capabilities of tech-led innovation. They enable the rest of us to navigate our respective landscapes using current, relevant tech, conjuring up code and widgets into solutions the rest of us consequently take in our stride.

“Prophets”, on the other hand, are the visionaries who anticipate the future. While they may not be able to alchemize in the manner of wizards, they lead thinking and guide sport towards new digital trends. What are these?

It is impossible to ignore AI, which is impacting sports as much as every other aspect of life. In its summary of US market trends, Sports Tech HQ – the body responsible for Indiana’s vibrant sports tech ecosystem – describes it as ‘the single biggest innovation during this generation’. Similarly, award winning architects, HOK, looks at how AI is revolutionizing live sports and entertainment. This chapter considers the issue of ‘deep fake’ and authenticity in the realm of live sports, as well as the opportunity to attend events virtually or experience entertainment very differently; just think what the ABBA Voyage virtual concert model could achieve in sport.

Both HOK and the DP World Tour celebrate live sports in their chapters and, whether you were supporting Europe or the US, the spectacle of The 2023 Ryder Cup was one of the year’s sporting highlights. The DP World Tour have written an indepth case study on exactly how they brought the event to life. When you start to look at the event as 18 mini fields of play, as well as one massive venue, you start to appreciate the complexity of the task they faced. Given what they delivered, you have to believe they are working on the next one already.

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If live sports are the Colosseum, then the athletes are the gladiators – and what care we should take of them. With head injuries now such a pressing issue in many sports, Love of the Game, explore how med tech is helping tackle brain trauma. It is shocking to read how extensively misunderstood basics elements of this space – such as concussion – are. Fortunately emerging technologies are refining injury identification and treatments. And, as they become more readily available. expectations on sports governing bodies to uphold this area of athlete safety will become greater.

As we look to safeguard the physical well-being of our sportspeople, to what extent do we need to look after their digital rights? The subject of data arises in three forms this year. Firstly, as the topic of athlete data ownership is debated. In this chapter we explore the practical, financial and moral considerations of individual versus organizational ownership – see which argument swings you.

Secondly, Genius Sports explains how data’s significance in sports broadcasting has grown. Driven by AI and the ‘Moneyball revolution’, fans’ highly personalized demands are considered, from detailed team and player performance data, to a choice of camera angles. Consequently, broadcasters need to respond – but how? This chapter explains.

Sportradar explores data in the era of third-party cookies’ demise. This is a must-read for any brand which undertakes programmatic advertising or digital personalization. In the light of the EU’s GDPR and the US’ CCPA, sports brands, rights-holders, and sponsors need technologies for precisely targeted strategies and personalized content. If you work on the business side of sport and don’t know what a Data Clean Room is, you probably need to …and this chapter is an excellent guide.

In 2022 we bemoaned that tech-forward apparel was behind the curve in influencing athletes’ performance; well, it has caught up! As the ‘super shoe’ scythes seconds off records, we take a historic look at ‘tech doping’ in sport and consider what those moments mean in future. At what point will ‘marginal gains’ become all out ‘tech doping’?

The 2023 Sports Technology Annual Review is the result of some outstanding input from wizards and prophets alike, sharing a provocative and exciting view of the sports landscape today. Whichever team you deem yourself to be part of – wizard or prophet – if your remit is to help shape the future of your sport or brand, we hope The Review has equipped you with some fresh thinking.

The 2023 Sports Technology Review is now available.
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