The Sports Technology Awards Power List Launches

The Sports Technology Awards is very proud of its role in promoting the outstanding work of the sector, however, until now, the celebrations have focused on technology products and their use across sport. Clearly, that is only half the story as the success of any business is down to both the people within it and those who have the vision and courage to embrace innovative work when they encounter it.


Since people are ultimately at the heart of sport, it is only right that the individuals who do great work are celebrated too. To this end The Sports Technology Awards has launched its Power List; its purpose is to identify the people throughout the industry, globally, who have created, adopted, or facilitated the adoption of technology within their area of sport. The list will be determined by industry peers and reviewed annually.


As with The Sports Technology Awards, people from every aspect of sport are eligible and whilst we are very happy to receive suggestions for the long list, it will be determined in collaboration with the editorial team of our media partners, SportsPro. The Power List aims to reflect the tangible achievements of people who have shaped the industry in recent times; consequently, anyone currently employed in a business with a sub $1,500,000 turnover or which has been operating for less than 18 months is highly unlikely to be eligible. Please consider this before submitting nominations to the STA office.


The Power List will be promoted via @sporttechgroup using the hashtag #STAPower50 and via the Sports Technology Awards Group LinkedIn Page.